We’re living in a totally connected world and everything gets stored in your computer or in your mobile devices: your files are always exposed to the risk of being stolen by someone who could profit from having them. Defend your most important documents, private moments, ideas and any other stuff that needs to be kept truly private

Encryption that works

CZIP X uses state-of-the-art encryption techniques in order to offer total protection from any perspective, also thanks to the several tests conducted while developing the application.


The encrypted archives you create with CZIP X cazn be decrypted on every desktop or mobile operating system it supports.

Allow only one decryption

You could make encrypted archives that can be decrypted only once, then they automatically erase their content.

Born from experience

CZIP X is the product of more than 20 years of experience in developing ZipGenius and it represents the evolution of CZIP 2.x technology that is already available in ZipGenius.

Decrypt with a QR code

You ca generate a QR code that will serve as your passphrase when you need to decrypt the associated archive.

Self-locking / self-erasing archives

You can make encrypted archives that can lock / erase itself when someone tries to decrypt them with the wrong passphrase.


CZIP X offers great document protection at a very little price: just € 0,99. And iif you use a Linux-based operating system, CZIP X is absolutely free!

Non-shareable archives

You could make encrypted archives that cannot be decrypted in other devices or by user of the same original device.

In-memory tasks

CZIP X performs the most important tasks directly into memory, without leaving temporary files behind.

Now you can add your encrypted archives to IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and make them available through a wonderful decentralized network. Only in Windows, for now.

CZIP X is really cheap: $ 0,99 (taxes included)

A small price for a great protection, and if you are on Linux you can get it for free!

Watch CZIP X in action