Upload to IPFS

WARNING! This feature is actually available only in Windows.

IPFS is the acronym for Inter Planetary File System, an innovative system to save files online which is decentralized because it’s peer-to-peer and blockchain based.

This project aims to create an immutable and permanent file system which is not based on the principle of files linked to a domain and hosted in a web server. Every single file that is uploaded to IPFS can’t be further edited or deleted because it is distributed into every node of the IPFS network.

This feature can transform CZIP X encrypted archives into legal proofs once uploaded to IPFS.

The procedure is entirely automatica e doesn’t require user intervention but it works only under the following conditions:

  • the device must be connected to the Internet;
  • the IPFS application must be installed ad running: you can download the IPFS client from this page.

Here is how it works:

  1. Select the “Upload to IPFS” options in the Options for expert page;
  2. when encryption will be done, you will see the window that confirms the successful encryption;
  3. almost immediately after, you will see a progress dialog and CZIP X will begin to upload the archive to IPFS;
  4. CZIP X will check the availability of the local IPFS node (which is created when you install the IPFS client);
  5. once the peer availability is ok, CZIP X will transfer the file to the IPFS network; at the end, the application will receive the link to download the archive from IPFS;
  6. when CZIP X will receive this link, it will generate an attestation that will report all archive info, the CID given by IPFS network, the direct download link the date and place where the attestaion is generated; then even the attestaion will be uploaded to IPFS;
  7. when the attestation is transferred to IPFS, CZIP X will show a confirmation dialgo with the direct link to the attestation and it will give you the chance to save the link to a text file, to copy it to clipboard or to share it in other ways.

The value of legal proof is attributed through the attestaion that gives a proof of existence of the archive at a precise moment as stated by a timestamp coming from an indepent third party NTP server (Network Time Protocol); thanks to IPFS features (being open source, decentralized and a third party) the archive becomes immutable: the link given as a response by IPFS is unique and it doesn’t allow duplicates in the network. If someone uploads another copy of the same archive, the response will be a totally different IPFS link from the one obtained through CZIP X.