CZIP X uses a timestamp in order to make sure about the date and time of creation of an encrypted archive. The application will randomly order a list of NTP servers (or time servers), then it will try to ping them until one will reply, so that the application could ask for the current date and time in UTC format; if no connection to the Internet is available, the application will ask if the user wants to use a timestamp provided by the device running CZIP X.

WARNING! Using a timestamp provided by the device will not make sure the moment when an archive is created because its an information that can be easily altered; on the contrary, a timestamp provided by a NTP server gives more warranties becuase it comes from a public, independente and incontestable.

The timestamp is in UTC format in order to have a universal refererence; when the archive will be open for decryption, the user will be allowed to convert the timestamp to the local time of the device.