We’re living in an hyperconnected world. Our work, memories, personal documents, pictures and video of our beloved persons, are always with us, in our mobile devices, in our computers at home and at work; anyway, they’re not safe at all: someone could steal our mobile devices or we could lose them anywhere and also saving to a cloud storage is not 100% safe despite the efforts by the security team of cloud services providers.

You’d better go the encryption way for your data.

Encryption applied to yourwork and personal files, makes you sure that your stuff gets protectec with a solid and safe shell that can stop unauthorized eyes to see what you care most.

CZIP X is the latest evolution of CZIP technology already used in ZipGenius 6, but today it is stronger, safer, smarter. The security protocol that acts as a foundation to the CZIP 4.0 technology has been completely redesigned and updated to the state-of-the-art cryptography rules; also it is a “Zero Knowledge” technology: the software doesn’t store any information and it doesn’t know which is the correct key that would decrypt a file.

CZIP X is trustful encryption for everyday tasks.