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CZIP X is an application conceived and made by The ZipGenius Team.
All rights reserved.

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The technology in use.

CZIP X uses the technology CZIP v4.0, which is built upon the use of encryption algorithms BlowFish, TwoFish and Rijndael/AES, all associated to hashing algorithms SHA-256, SHA-3 and SHAKE/256.

BlowFish e TwoFish were conceived and created by Bruce Schneier, Rijndael/AES was conceived and rcreated by Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen; SHA-256 was designed by National Security Agency (NSA); SHA-3 and Shake/256 were conceived and created by Guido Bertoni, Joan Daemen, Michaël Peeters and Gilles Van Assche. All algorithms follow the guidelines designed by NIST (National Institue of Standards and Technology) and their initialization is provided by an initialization vector randomly generated through a cryptographic true random numer generator.

Moreover, this application implements “Zero Knowledge” methods, so no data given by users is stored within the application or in the encrypted archives it produces.

Libraries used.

CZIP X is written with C# and takes advantages from NET, Mono, CocoaSharp, MonoDroid frameworks. CZIP X is using the following libraries:

– SharpZipLib
– BouncyCastle
– Sockets for PCL by Ryan Davis

The icons used in this application are from and Please, visit these two great websites because they are really precious sources for vector icons and PNGs at very low cost or for zero money at all.

Legal notices (EULA).

CZIP, CZIP X, ZipGenius, The ZipGenius Team are notorious trademarks owned by The ZipGenius Team and Matteo Riso.
The use of this application means the user accepts the following conditions:

1. The misuse of this application may lead to permanent and irreversible data loss: the developer cannot be held liable because all functions are clearly explained and a warning appears next to features that may produce the data loss, telling what a features does and what it could happen.
2. The user is not authorized to re-sell, rent, lend, freely distribute, modify, reverse engineering, this application; an exception exists only for Linux, Windows 7 / 8.x version whom can be freely distributed.
3. The application is offered without any warranty, only in the “AS-IS” form, and it doesn’t acknowledge to user any right or the transfert of the intellectual property; also no exclusive right is granted to user, so he/she is using this application only due to this EULA.
4. The developer of this application is not liable for encrypted archives that users will generate containing documents that can produce any damage or that can be considered a criminal offense or that are part of bigger criminal plan. Only the user is responsible for what it encrypts.

Privacy policy.

CZIP X does not treat any personal data and does not store any information. Although it could access your webcam/camera and it could read your device state, this info is used only for the encryption/decryption features of the application. Please, visit our cookie policy, also.


My wife, above all, because she supports me in any of my fool digital adventures and, while developing this application, she developed and released on Sep. 18th, 2017 our best project, E.S.T.H.E.R.

My mother because for 83 years she has been a very brilliant person that has suffered for a big part of her life. Rest in peace. We miss you very much.

Microsoft and Xamarin: since I discovered Visual Studio 2015 Community, Xamarin Studio and MonoDevelop, I abandoned my first love (Delphi) to embrace a more modern and versatile language like C#.

Bruce Schneier because his blog posts truly are lessions about encryption and computer security.