What is CZIP X?


Your life today passes through your computer and your smartphone: notes, projects, ideas, financial transactions, documents, private moments. Unfortunately, all of these data are always exposed to the risk of being accessed or stolen by unauthorized persons. Suddenly they fall in other people’s hands and it’s hard to tell what would be the consequences.

Protect what’s yours by using Czip X.

Czip X is an application that lets you encrypt all the files you store in your PC or in your mobile device and it does that through a technology that we call layered safety. By learning to use Czip X in the best way, your documents will be truly yours.

Don’t let others steal a part of your life: start using Czip X now.

Discover how to use Czip X at its best through the Online Help and, in particular, by reading the “Best Practices” page where you will find a lot of examples about how to use Czip X for your daily tasks, both at home and at work.