In the “Options” section, you can enable or disable some settings that can increase the level of protection of your archive.

Set archive type.

If you will enable this option, you could specify which kind of CZX archive must be created by CZIP X:

  1. Standard Archive
    It’s the default setting in CZIPX and it applies also if you don’t check the box that enables this option. The standard encrypted archives don’t put any limit to the number of attempts available to decrypt the archive with the correct passphrase.
  2. Self-locking Archive
    This kind of archive gives you only 3 attempts to decrypt with the right passphrase; after the third error, the application won’t allow any other attempt to decrypt that archive but encrypted contents will be virtually recoverable. At this point, you should refer to the author of the encrypted archive.
  3. Self-erasing Archive
    Also this kind of archive allows just 3 attempts to decrypt with the right passphrase, but in this case, after 3 errors, the application will permanently delete the encrypted contents and nobody could recover them. At this point, the archive becomes useless and should be deleted. The ZipGenius Team can’t be of any help.

Customize your archive.

You can make your CZX archive show your name and your e-mail address to who will open it for decryption: just enabled the related options. Note: there is a 255 characters limit for both name and e-mail address.